Back in August I started working with the gang over at Atomized Studios (part of Freuds PR).

They’d begun producing a podcast series for EY entitled The Better Question, which looks to ‘answer the better questions that will help CEOs and other senior executives lead their business through this transformative age’.

With interviews for 4 episodes already recorded, and another 2 episodes having to be made from scratch, I remained at Atomized until October, working on the podcast project alongside other EY video productions.

The Better Question was an interesting project to work on, with a bunch of fascinating themes being discussed in each epiode. My favourite is probably the forthcoming Megatrends episode, which explores both the reasons for and the implication of populism. The episode which focuses on a company’s ‘Purpose’ was also fascinating to piece together. Really, with each episode featuring EY staff alongside entrepreneurs and business leaders, I learned plenty from every one. 

The series is now going live, every fortnight until the end of the year.

Thanks to Zad and Stevie for the opportunity, and to Kate at EY, and the host Juliette, for being a pleasure to work with.


Strrr TV – Matthew Plummer Fernandez

In his Strrr episode, Matthew explores the role that algorithms play in everyday life and culture. From their beginnings in the simple animations of the 1970s and 80s, through to the cutting edge neural networks and artificial intelligence of today, Matthew reveals the various ways in which algorithms are playing an increasing central role in our lives.

Strrr TV – Marie Jacotey

Back in February I headed down to Bermondsey to shoot another episode of Strrr TV with french illustrator Marie Jacotey. Check the episode here! Marie Jacotey is a London-based, French artist, whose work has established her as an enduring and charming presence on the...

Strrr TV – Gilles Peterson

When Daniel Brandt asked me to get involved with Strrr TV, with a focus on London's 'superstars and brilliant newcomers hailing from the world of music, art, design, film, and fashion', Gilles Peterson was one of the first people I got in touch with, and it turns out...

Worldwide FM talk at Glug x WeTransfer Event

Last summer I was asked by Rob Alderson to talk at the Glug x WeTransfer 'Passion Projects' event in Shoreditch. It was a good opportunity to consolidate my thoughts on the launch of the station, and the first year of running Worldwide FM, as well as articulating the...

Nadav Kander

A few weeks back, researching people for Strrr TV, I was reminded of the photographer Nadav Kander. I first came across his work when a former girlfriend brought me to see his show 'Yangtze, The Long River' back in 2010. By chance, early this year I walked by Flowers...