In August we were approached by Red Bull to consult on a recently launch podcast for the Scuderia Alpha Tauri Formula 1 team, formerly Toro Rosso.

With a considerable audience under 25, through liaising with Alpha Tauri admin and host Josh Kruse, we distilled the intention of the podcast and the desired tone. From there, we developed a number of new features, formats and script templates that fulfilled that intention, introducing a raft of new sounds, from openers to funny jingles to music beds and sound effects, to make the podcast a vivid, sonically rich, fun, relaxed and lively listen. A listen that supplements driver and team member interviews, with new features that escape the studio – to explore the thrill of life in Formula 1 out on the road and from the paddock. Plus, we’ve embraced the audience’s fervent engagement, through guests answering the fan’s questions delivered in audio, via voice notes.

Since the initial consultation, we’ve overseen production and delivery of the podcasts, introducing a number of audio production best-practices to raise the quality of the recordings and the listening experience. It’s been a lot of fun, and really rewarding to see the impact our changes have had on the listening experience, and its rapid growth.

Red Bull has since asked for similar analysis be conducted for other Red Bull podcasts, to explore how they might uplift the way they approach other strands in the portfolio.

Have a listen, and we’d love to hear your thoughts.
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