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In November, for the 40th anniversary of NASA’s Golden Record project, I produced the music section for WeTransfer’s A Message From Earth. 

The brief was wonderfully broad; programming, producing and delivering a music section which attempts to reflect the diversity of music on planet earth, and explore the experience of musicians today.

We approached this project in two ways, firstly by commissioning six music mixes from musicians and DJs on six continents, including:

  • DJ Soul Sister (North America)
  • Dengue Dengue Dengue (South America)
  • DJ Edu (Africa)
  • Lefto (Europe)
  • Maft Sai of Studio Lam (Asia)
  • Jordan Rakei (Australasia/Oceania)

Secondly, we shot six interviews with working musicians from six continents across two days. Each hosted by Gilles Peterson, each interview explores the musicians’ stories, examining the role ‘home’ has played in their music and how outside influences have effected their pursuit of a life in music. Musicians included:

  • Christian Scott (North America)
  • Luzmira Zerpa of Familia Atlantica (South America)
  • DJ Juls (Africa)
  • Nubya Garica (Europe)
  • Fatima Al Qadiri (Asia)
  • Nai Palm of Haitus Kaiyote (Australasia/Oceania)

Over Christmas extended edits of the interviews were broadcast alongside each continent’s corresponding mixes. You can find them HERE.

We Are Europe 2020

I'm very excited to have been asked to be part of the We Are Europe activities for 2020 alongside a number of people whose work I really admire. We Are Europe, the European cooperation project that was launched in 2015  is embarking a new 3-year cycle (2019-2021)...

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Best of 2019 List

Having really enjoyed other people's end of year lists, I thought I'd put a list together that runs through some of the discoveries I've made, or moments I've enjoyed in 2019. It's a list of everything from podcasts, to music, to videos. If you find something...

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BBC Voice & AI

In October I began working with the team at BBC Voice & AI, helping them with their forthcoming beeb voice assistant. It's been fascinating contributing to this process of shaping the assistant's persona, as the team develop their remarkably ambitious project. The...

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The Guardian – Politics Weekly

Off the back of the Guardian Voice Lab project, as well as doing some development work on a forthcoming series due in the autumn, I had the opportunity to produce Politics Weekly for the month of May. Here are a couple of highlight episodes for me, from the four-week...

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The Voice Lab – Guardian Briefing

We launched our second project at The Guardian Voice Lab this week! It's a flash briefing that combined human and synthetic voice, which was a lot of fun work on. Working with SSML was a new experience for me, and although working in code was daunting initially, it's...

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The Guardian Voice Lab – Articles

One of our responsibilities on The Voice Lab has been to write weekly blog posts about our progress. As Editorial Lead within the team, my posts have approached the meeting point that exists in voice between software developers and editorial/content creators, from the...

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The Guardian Voice Lab

At the end of October I was offered a role working on a new initiative from The Guardian developing audio content for Google's Home smart speaker and Google Assistant. Guardian News & Media is pleased to announce the launch of Guardian Voice Lab - an in-house team...

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