Back in February I headed down to Bermondsey to shoot another episode of Strrr TV with french illustrator Marie Jacotey.

Check the episode here!

Marie Jacotey is a London-based, French artist, whose work has established her as an enduring and charming presence on the contemporary British art scene. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2013, Marie’s work has been presented in various solo and group exhibitions in London, Brussels, New York and Paris, and as part of Bloomberg’s New Contemporaries. She’s now represented by Hannah Barry Gallery in London. She has notably collaborated with McQueen and the Turner Prize Winning ‘Assemble’, and her drawings can be found in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum. Her first artist book, ‘Dear Love Who Should Have Been Forever Mine’, was published in 2015. With upcoming commissions from the London Underground, a solo show at Ballon Rouge in Paris, and an animated film currently in development, Marie Jacotey’s intimate and at times provocative portrayals of relationships are set to gain further exposure in 2018. In her Strrr episode, Marie explores inspirational artists, musicians and thinkers, whilst reflecting on fashion, classic French cinéma and childhood memories.

Below are a couple video screengrabs.

Here are some examples of Marie’s work, pulled from the Hannah Barry Gallery website.


Strrr TV – Gilles Peterson

When Daniel Brandt asked me to get involved with Strrr TV, with a focus on London's 'superstars and brilliant newcomers hailing from the world of music, art, design, film, and fashion', Gilles Peterson was one of the first people I got in touch with, and it turns out...

Kojey Radical – After Winter (videography)

Here's a live performance from Kojey Radical's appearance on Kate Hutchison's Worldwide FM show in August 2017. It was filmed on my Sony A7s with a 24-105mm lens on a shoulder rig, and colour graded with Film...

Worldwide FM talk at Glug x WeTransfer Event

Last summer I was asked by Rob Alderson to talk at the Glug x WeTransfer 'Passion Projects' event in Shoreditch. It was a good opportunity to consolidate my thoughts on the launch of the station, and the first year of running Worldwide FM, as well as articulating the...

Nadav Kander

A few weeks back, researching people for Strrr TV, I was reminded of the photographer Nadav Kander. I first came across his work when a former girlfriend brought me to see his show 'Yangtze, The Long River' back in 2010. By chance, early this year I walked by Flowers...

WeTransfer’s A Message From Earth – Music Section

In November, for the 40th anniversary of NASA’s Golden Record project, I produced the music section for WeTransfer’s A Message From Earth. 

The brief was wonderfully broad; programming, producing and delivering a music section which attempts to reflect the diversity of music on planet earth, and explore the experience of musicians today. 

Strrr TV

Since finishing at Mistral Productions, I've linked up with Daniel Brandt and the Berlin team at Strrr TV, working as their UK editor. It's been a lot of fun so far,  allowing me to use my audio and video production background, whilst getting to research, contact and...

Princess Nokia – Destiny Documentary

I'm late to the party as it came out in 2016, but here's a short documentary about Bronx artist, Princess Nokia, made by Orian Barki. Good to see Wiki making an appearance!

Timothy Morton

Whilst doing some research for future potential Strrr TV guests, I'd ended up on the Studio Olafur Eliasson website. Olafur Eliasson is an Icelandic-Danish artist known for sculptures and large-scale installation art employing elemental materials such as light, water,...

Taz Tron Delix

A few weeks back I came across the work of Taz Tron Delix, a London-based director. His work with JD. Reid, Novelist and Oscar #Worldpeace is great. He's got a piece for Adidas out right now as well. Having researched his stuff, I then bumped into him in the pub the...